Digital Forensics

Digital forensics - An integral part of cybersecurity breaches

Digital forensics is integral to DarkBox Security Systems Incident Response to cybersecurity breaches of our clients. By understanding the importance of digital forensics in incident response, organizations can be better prepared to respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Digital forensics is identifying, preserving, extracting, and analyzing data from digital devices. It can investigate various incidents, including data breaches, fraud, and cybercrime. Digital forensics is an essential tool for incident response. Digital forensics should be used with other tools and techniques, such as intrusion detection and prevention, to mitigate the effects of a breach.

Digital forensics is also essential for legal purposes. If a breach results in data loss or damage, victims may pursue legal action against the organization responsible. To defend themselves, organizations need to show that they took appropriate steps to investigate the incident and mitigate the damage, and DarkBox Security Systems Digital Forensics can provide this evidence.

How digital forensics can help in cybersecurity breaches

When a cybersecurity breach occurs, many questions often need to be answered to determine the scope of an incident and mitigate the damage. Who was behind the attack? What data was accessed or exfiltrated? How did they gain access? What can be done to prevent future cyber attacks?

DarkBox Security Systems Digital Forensics team can help answer these questions and more. By analyzing artifacts left behind by the attackers, our digital forensics investigators can often piece together what happened and how. This information can be used to help cyber defenses and prevent future breaches.

Why DarkBox Security Systems Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is an integral part of our incident response to cybersecurity breaches. A former Homeland Security special agent leads our team that specializes in digital forensics with various certifications from the SANS Institute.

Our digital forensics team can help organizations minimize the damage caused by attacks and better prepare for future ones by providing insight into what happened.

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